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DIY Beaded Pearl Necklace Kit: Pearl

DIY Beaded Pearl Necklace Kit: Pearl

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This DIY Necklace Kit design plays with a "locked heart" theme: instead of fighting it, we're working with the strong energy of a protected heart whose been through it all.

With 5 charms for layers of meaning: Wear your finished piece to call on extra celestial protection, with a crystal heart bead for guidance as well as a key charm- just in case you get lost along the way! With a cut glass gemstone for clarity, and ten pearls to represent your inner wisdom- this charm-focused kit brings together all the tools in your toolbox, reminding you that you can overcome any obstacle you face. 

Each kit contains ten large freshwater pearls, glass czech seed beads, three gold plated charms (including a key, heart lock and pendant), a cut glass gemstone charm as well as a heart-shaped crystal! Includes an 18 K gold-plated box chain (18" length).

Instructions can be found via the QR Code on the lid of the kit.

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