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Organic Cotton Shower Pouf

Organic Cotton Shower Pouf

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Our cotton shower pouf is the perfect addition to your daily shower routine! Made from 100% organic cotton, this shower pouf is gentle on your skin and provides a luxurious lather for a truly invigorating shower experience.

The soft, fluffy texture of the pouf creates a rich lather that cleanses and exfoliates, removing dead skin cells to reveal smooth, refreshed skin. The natural cotton fibers are incredibly durable, so you can use this pouf for months to come without it falling apart or losing its shape.

In addition to being kind to your skin, our shower pouf is also eco-friendly. Unlike synthetic shower poufs that can take years to decompose, our pouf is made from natural materials that biodegrade once you are finished with it.

Use and care instructions: Squeeze body wash directly onto the shower pouf to lather, and hang dry after every use. Machine washable and dryer safe with regular laundry.

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