You may rinse each cotton round after every use with warm water and mild soap before placing them in the included mesh bag for a batch wash, although this isn't necessary. Most of our customers prefer to wash them all at once in their usual laundry load every week. 

Let them air dry, and if you encounter any curling. you may iron them lightly on medium heat to let them lay flat again.

Our cotton rounds are best used for applying skincare products (toner and essence) and removing light makeup. Due to the nature of makeup pigments and oils, you may find staining after first use. For this reason, we recommend using our darker printed cotton rounds for makeup removal and all cotton rounds for general use. Please note, while staining may occur, this won't affect the usability of our cotton rounds at all.

We are super lucky to be able to work with designers from all over the world to curate specific designs for our products! Some of our favourite surface designers are Crystal Walen, Andrea Crawford, and Erin Kendal. Additionally, we've worked with Toronto local, Jenna Caswell to design custom prints!

The majority of our photos are taken in-house, however, our lifestyle shots are staged and photographed by the super talented Jocelynne Flor. If you're a wellness brand, we highly recommend reaching out to her for your brand photography needs!
Do you have any job opportunities in place?
We are always looking for interns to assist our team! If you are a student enrolled in a post-secondary institution (fashion design, marketing, or related) requiring internship hours, please send us an email and we'd be happy to chat about a placement.