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Nail Polish - Arizona

Nail Polish - Arizona

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Arizona: nude classic warm brown, with a little touch of pink.

BKIND polishes are vegan, 77% plant-based, 21-FREE, and professional-grade nail polishes that apply easily, dry quickly, and give you a long-lasting, luminous finish.

Be kind to the tips of your nails!

The majority of nail polishes on the market contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to health. Also, while this information is often not shared, many nail polishes unfortunately contain animal-derived ingredients. For example, cochineal insect pigment is sometimes used to make reds more vivid, or guanine crystals, from fish scales or chameleons, are used to add luster and shine in cosmetics.

To provide a kinder option, this nail polish is vegan, 77% plant-based and 21-FREE, meaning it's free from 21 toxic ingredients normally found in nail polishes. Now you can enjoy beautiful colored nails while respecting animals, the environment and yourself! ☺️

15 ml

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